BLWABlack List Wheelers Association
BLWABlackpoll Warbler
BLWABlackburnian Warbler (Dendroica fusca)
BLWABarely Legal Wrestling Alliance
BLWABritish Laboratory Ware Association
BLWABlack Librarians With Attitude
BLWABecker Lake Wildlife Area (Arizona)
BLWABlue Lotus Writing Academy
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We lived at the top of the last house, and the wind rushing up the river shook the house that night, like discharges of cannon, or breakings of a sea.
Death, self-interest, and fortune's changes, are every day breaking up many a happy group, and scattering them far and wide; and the boys and girls never come back again.
88"W 3 Waterbody Site code Auburn Lake ALMN Big Bald Lake BBOC Burke Lake BLWA Cedarville Bav CBM1 Chain Lake CLMI Chalk Hill, Menominee River CHMI Christmas Lake CLMN Clark Fork Driftyards CFID Clear Lake CLOC Crystal Lake CLID Fairfield Pond FPVT Indian Lake INCT Kingsford Res.