BMAPBackground Measurement and Analysis Program
BMAPBasin Management Action Plan
BMAPBatch Markovian Arrival Process
BMAPBomb Making Awareness Program (US DHS)
BMAPBuffer Map
BMAPBarometric and Manifold Absolute Pressure
BMAPBallast-Mediated Airway Protection (diving)
BMAPBroadband Modem Access Protocol
BMAPBusiness Management Assistance Program
BMAPBusiness Management Assistant Program
BMAPBackground Measurement & Analysis Program
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The news comes against a backdrop of calls for the Hillview site off the Crumlin Road in North Belfast to be used for some social housing, despite campaigners being told it cannot happen due to its being zoned to retail use only on the BMAP.
Finally, it directs the FDEP to review the feasibility of a web-based interactive map with information on MFLs, recovery strategies, TMDLs, and BMAPs.
13) The first BMAP, the Upper Ocklawaha River BMAP (UOR BMAP), was adopted on August 14, 2007.
to allegations they are anti-car following the publication of BMAP earlier this month, insisted any congestion or workplace parking charge is a matter for future debate.
Earlier this month Sir Albert outlined plans for a Midland Metro line from the city centre to Birmingham Airport, through Solihull and on to Coventry, but this is not included in BMAP, and committee members asked why.
So maybe the importance of BMAP is in the sense and ambition of the document.
The minister said he wished to assist the commission and all parties to the inquiry by releasing his department's decisions on those parts of BMAP relevant to the planning application in advance of the final adoption of BMAP, expected at the end of March.
It will maintain or improve the existing water quality trends while allowing the City to obtain TMDL credit for the Lake Jessup BMAP.
It forms part of the BMAP white paper, which will be launched later this month.
A report by transport consultant Sarah Speirs said: "Though there is an acceptance that in order to achieve the BMAP vision, Birmingham's citizens, businesses and visitors to the city are going to have to change their travel behaviour, there is a reluctance to introduce punitive measures to realise this transformation.
This particular proposal is buried deep in the rear-end of the hefty BMAP consultation document, but it has not escaped the attention of city businessmen.
But critics of BMAP, including members of the city council's transport scrutiny committee, have accused it of lacking ambition with regard to rapid transit schemes like the Midland Metro, tram and light rail.