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BMATBioMedical Admissions Test (UK)
BMATBedside Mobility Assessment Tool (nursing)
BMATBarcelona Music and Audio Technologies (Barcelona, Spain)
BMATBallistic Missile Analyst Technician (USAF Titan II ICBM crewmember responsible for electronics and guidance; 1960-1980s)
BMATBone Marrow Aspirate and Trephine (biopsy)
BMATBaptist Missionary Association of Texas
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BMAT (Bio Medical Admissions Test) for example is the exam for anyone applying for Medical or Dental degrees.
One mum of two BMAT pupils said: "While all these people are losing jobs, the school still pays for riding lessons for some pupils.
All the patients demonstrated haemophagocytosis in the bone marrow, probably because all were at an advanced stage of illness at the time of BMAT and their haemophagocytosis was well established.
After the February 1 report, but before receiving the negative BMAT results, Nassau County and Florida epidemiologists began an investigation to identify possible exposures to Brucella species.
For the launch, The Orchard has tapped many of the entertainment industry's leading marketing, sales, and analytics application companies, including ArtistData, Band Metrics, TheBizmo, BMAT, FanBridge, Mediaguide, Mobile Roadie, New Reach Technologies, Peekok, Topspin, Trendrr, and uPlaya.
BMAT reserve the right to offer extensions or renewals of the contract.
One study reported that females in the UK in Biomedical Admission Test (BMAT) where women scored lower than males in both the aptitude and skills component (Section 1) and the scientific knowledge and applications component (Section 2) of the BMAT.
The academic and social environment is based on that at university and for those students applying for degrees in medicine, dentistry and veterinary science, it is one of the first in Wales to offer special tutoring in pre-entrance exams such as BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) and UKCAT (UK Clinical Aptitude Test) for specialist courses.
Serial serum samples from the 105 exposed Indiana laboratory staff members, excluding microbiologist A, were tested at CDC for anti-Brucella antibodies, using the Brucella microagglutination test (BMAT); the Minnesota laboratory conducted voluntary serial BMAT testing for 11 exposed laboratory staff members.
BMAT (Spain) has developed technology which rates singers.
UCLES said the BMAT enabled universities to distinguish between candidates who were equally well qualified.
BMAT is a digital music dreams factory, enabling computers and devices to understand music like humans do.