BMBFBronchial Mucosal Blood Flow
BMBFBierMuncher Bottle Filler (home brewing)
BMBFBundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (German: Federal Ministry of Education and Research; Bonn, Germany)
BMBFBarclays Mercantile Business Finance Limited
BMBFBritish Mountain Bike Federation (UK)
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The BMBF has alerted our (Indian) embassy and will soon be submitting a petition with our concerns, so that it can be raised with Bahraini authorities.
DDC thus aims to fill the "gap" between research and industry, which is likewise recognized by the BMBF with a sponsorship prize.
The judge said that the arbitration award in September that BMBF must pay the yard more than $27million should be set aside.
In addition to the awards, the BMBF is also offering research bonuses equal to 25% of a contract up to [euro]100,000 ($150,000) as incentives to encourage collaboration with small and mid-sized enterprises to convert more ideas into products, processes and services.
Die SOF wird deshalb in Zukunft noch starker mit den Forderaktivitaten anderer Referate und Abteilungen im BMBF verzahnt.
We have helped Paul to return 50 per cent of what he owes and the rest he will have to arrange on his own,' said BMBF general secretary Basheer Ambalayi.
NOXXON's Chief Executive Officer Frank Morich commented: "In awarding this competitive research grant to NOXXON, the BMBF acknowledges our tremendous progress in maturing Spiegelmer[R] compounds into therapeutic candidates for human use.
We have helped Mr Paul to return 50pc of what he owes and the rest he will have to arrange on his own," said BMBF general secretary Basheer Ambalayi.
BMBF Stability Project Focuses on Yielding Competitive Organic Photovoltaics (OPV) with Potential for Commercial Use
Im Schwerpunkt Sozial-okologische Forschung (SOF) hat das BMBF in den vergangenen zehn Jahren zahlreiche Nachwuchsgruppen gefordert--nun sind deren Arbeiten evaluiert worden.
We are trying to help Mr Kunni and raise funds for him, as he is not able to work anymore," said BMBF service group member and ICRF community member Basheer Ambalayi.