BMC2Battle Management Command and Control
BMC2Battle Management Command and Control (USAF)
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The E-10A represents the future of integrated, airborne surveillance and targeting for the Air Force, and Harris is pleased to be part of Northrop Grumman's BMC2 solution," said Dan Pearson, president, Department of Defense Programs business unit, Harris Government Communications Systems Division (GCSD).
BMC2 will provide critical seamless real-time communications, while supporting full spectrum dominance and persistent situation awareness for the warfighter.
Highlighting results of exercise-quality simulations conducted at the team's HI-Vision horizontal integration lab in Colorado Springs, the BMC2 team ran through a number of scenarios focused on finding, targeting and engaging cruise missiles, ground moving targets, and enemy command installations in single-digit minutes.
They were designed to exercise and demonstrate the network-centric battle-management capabilities of the team's proposed BMC2 architecture.
The HI-Vision lab is co-located in Colorado Springs with the industry development teams for TBMCS, ISC2, DCGS and BMC2.
The Lockheed Martin BMC2 team will work in concert with the Weapons Systems Integrator (WSI) team and the Air Force to refine requirements for the overall E-10A system.
Although most Air Force practitioners of BMC2 naturally gravitate to air assets as the primary C2 weapons system, the "right platform" does not necessarily have to be airborne.
Subordinate units, operations centers, or BMC2 platforms would be delegated or assume additional control activities dependent upon their individual capacity to control and when specified triggering events have occurred.
From the first time I met John Jumper, through hours of discussions with Lincoln Labs and the creation of the Paul Revere test bed aircraft, MC2A always has been thought of as an integration and BMC2 system; it is sensor independent; it is platform, independent.
Under this contract, TRW will provide research and development services to conduct rapid prototyping of the overarching joint and coalition Battle Management Command and Control (BMC2) system for the Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS), develop and operate the BMDS BMC2, Communications test bed, conduct BMDS interoperability testing and analysis, develop, conduct, and support missile defense modeling and simulation for the overall BMDS, its segments and program elements, and plan, conduct, and analyze missile defenseBMC2, and communications operator-in-the-loop war games and commander in chief exercises to support the development of joint and coalition missile defense concepts of operation.
One cornerstone program that Garber oversees is called the Family of Interoperable Operational Pictures, or FIOP, which sets guidelines for the services to make their stove-piped BMC2 systems communicate and share data with each other.
The BMC2 system subsequently tasked the Harris-developed IFICS Data Terminal hardware to transmit these critical targeting updates to the Interceptor as it approached the ballistic target.