BMC3Battle Management Command, Control and Communications
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Because of emerging threats, the SSA mission must move beyond routine catalog maintenance towards a predictive, time-critical BMC3 environment.
Boeing has brought together the best that industry has to offer to provide a systems solution that will dramatically improve satellite communications for the strategic forces," said Allen Ashby, vice president and general manager of BMC3 & Strategic Systems.
Following booster separation, the BMC3 provided final target tracking information to the kill vehicle through the In-Flight Interceptor Communication System.
As in previous missions, TRW's BMC3 software and hardware products supplied key situational awareness and decision support data to command centers at the Joint National Integration Center (JNIC) and the Reagan Test Site, as well as target data to the interceptor, to help the interceptor destroy its target.
The proven performance record of TRW's BMC3 products in each mission is unmatched," said Dr.
Space Command will control and operate the GMD system through the BMC3 element located at both the North American Aerospace Defense Command site and the selected GMD deployment field site.
Boeing has been developing, building and supporting Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles for nearly 50 years," said Allen Ashby, vice president & general manager, Boeing BMC3 & Strategic Systems.
The BMC3 program will closely integrate various technologies and engineering disciplines to form a cohesive network that gives military commanders the ability to rapidly make and execute accurate and informed decisions.
The BMC3 element has been a shining star in the GMDS program, as evidenced by the most recent successful flight test in July, and it will continue to evolve with the missile defense architecture," said Dr.
Ashby, vice president and general manager, Boeing BMC3 & Strategic Systems.
Ashby, vice president and general manager of Boeing's BMC3 and Strategic Systems, a unit of Boeing Space and Communications, commented, "The divestiture of the Sensors and Electronic Systems business reflects the overall direction of the Boeing defense business to focus on system-of-systems opportunities.
The EKV achieved its secondary objective with the BMC3 system collecting data on the kill vehicle's ability to track, acquire and discriminate target complex objects including the reentry vehicle.