BMC4IBattle Management Command, Control, Communications, Computers and Intelligence
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Supporting Schoultz are Justin Monger, Raytheon BMC4I program manager, and Tom Swartz, SAIC senior vice president.
The IRST sent to Boeing in Seattle has been installed in the BMC4I "Virtual Lab" integration facility for testing.
We will use a target generator to stimulate the IRST and verify that its detections are properly reported to BMC4I," said Rich Flanders, Boeing ABL BMC4I manager.
Flight tests conducted since April 21, 1995 have verified the ability of the missile's guidance and control system to process radar-provided target information; proven the design of the Palletized Load System (PLS) launcher, the solid rocket motor, the THAAD radar, and BMC4I system; and validated the THAAD Energy Management Steering (TEMS) maneuver, which allows the missile to reduce speed immediately after it leaves the canister to remain within range safety constraints.
Other than two government-requested changes to incorporate a PAC-3 MSE (missile segment enhancement) and an additional BMC4I (battle management, command, control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) configuration, no money has been added to the MEADS contract value or to the annual funding profile.
BMC4I, which communicates with launching stations, other Patriot batteries and higher command headquarters, are the only manned stations in a Patriot fire unit.
EADS/LFK will perform work on the BMC4I, launcher, Surveillance Radar and MFCR elements at plants in Munich, Germany.
His acquisition assignments have given him insight into the complete sensor to shooter "kill chain" across several fighter, missile integration (air-to-air, air-to-ground, and precision guided munitions), BMC4I SR, and space system support/development programs.