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BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Organization
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Office
BMDOBallistic Missile Defense Operations
BMDOBiology and Medicine Division
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Like the BMDO study, RAND uses data from the SAR reports, and RAND focuses on the seven categories of cost variance that the SAR contains: quantity, economic, schedule, engineering, estimating, support, and other.
Attachments A and B explain how the BMDO's own data from the IFT-1A test shows that the BMDO falsely represented the results of the IFT-1A test as showing that an Exoatmospheric Kill Vehicle (EKV) can tell warheads from simple balloon decoys.
On May 25 the BMDO released a cursory letter charging that Postol's findings were "incomplete" and his conclusions "wrong" because "Dr.
The agencies gain nothing from the economic success of the companies they fund, with one exception: BMDO (Star Wars) realizes that it can gain new products on the cheap by fostering new technologies that are likely to attract capital investment as they mature.
Lester Lyles, director of the BMDO, put it in 1997, "The THAAD systems have been very successful in every aspect except the very critical end-game.
31) "Medium Extended Air Defense System," BMDO Fact Sheet 97-13, U.
La nave fue construida por la BMDO (Organizacion de Defensa contra Misiles Balisticos), con el objetivo de realizar una prueba piloto de la tecnologia antimisil, pero con el fin de encubrir esas acciones, tambien se disenaron experimentos cientificos no militares.
After the aforementioned study of Israel's ballisticmissile defense requirements, Israel proposed five experiments to the Strategic Defense Initiative Organization (SDIO, renamed BMDO in 1993); Arrow was among the proposals that SDIO accepted.
firms raised $200 million from public sale of common stock, doubled their employees, and are attracting a growing pool of private capital to match and expand the BMDO subsidy.
SOURCE: BMDO Strategic Nuclear Launchers 1985 FSU Bombers 139 SLBMs 684 ICBMs 908 1,731 US Bombers 195 SLBMs 384 ICBMs 595 1,174 START II FSU Bombers 80 SLBMs 232 ICBMs 805 1,117 US Bombers 86 SLBMs 336 ICBMs 500 922 SOURCE: International Institute for Strategic Studies.
The BMDO will first go after short-range missiles like the Scuds fired at Saudi Arabia and Israel during the Gulf War.
His sources include six interviews with General Kadish, who was the BMDO Director throughout the critical period leading up to President Clinton's September 2000 decision.