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BMDPBone Marrow Donor Programme (Singapore)
BMDPBio-Medical Data Package
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BMDP, Clear, SPSS and SYSTAT are registered trademarks of SPSS Inc.
SPSS paid approximately $850,000 in cash to acquire certain assets of BMDP and also assumed certain liabilities.
SPSS expects to pay approximately $600,000 in cash and 13,000 shares of common stock to acquire the assets of BMDP.
We believe the new products will further strengthen our existing scientific product offerings of SYSTAT and BMDP to create a stronger line of analytical and graphics software products.
Statistical analyses were performed by ANOVA or by estimation of correlations and regression slopes, using BMDP Dynamic (BMDP Statistical Software Inc.
Correspondence analysis using numerical data is available in several major statistical packages, including BMDP, SPSS, and SAS.
Statistical tests were carried out using BMDP statistical software, version 2 for Windows (Dixon 1988).
EQS Structural Equations Program Manual, BMDP Statistical Software, Los Angeles, CA, 1989.
Chicago, IL) and BMDP (Statistical Solutions, Saugus, MA) statistical software were used for these analyses.
StatXact allows a wide variety of file imports (Excel, Lotus, ASCII, SAS, Stata, Statistica, SPSS, Systat, BMDP and dBASE), but not so many exports (ASCII, SAS, Stata and SPSS).