BMDRBone Marrow Donor Registry (various locations)
BMDRBelow-Market Discount Rate
BMDRBalistic Missile Defense Review (US DoD)
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21) The 2010 BMDR notes this more tactical quality by observing that missile defenses support "military freedom of maneuver, by helping to negate the coercive potential of regional actors intent on inhibiting and disrupting U.
The 2010 NPR noted that missile defenses reinforce regional security architectures by assuring nonnuclear allies and partners of the US security commitments, thereby helping to dissuade them from acquiring nuclear capabilities of their own--a point repeated in the 2010 BMDR.
It's really going to be up to the BMDR where we are maturity wise and policy wise," he said.
6) The BMDR report states that "the role of nuclear weapons in these regional deterrence architectures can be reduced by increasing the role of missile defense and other capabilities.
In particular, the BMDR directed us to further examine ballistic missile defense in the European theater of operations.
The transaction and the assignment will be subject to completion of a formal agreement, satisfactory financing, regulatory approvals, the consent of BMDR and Canyon to the assignment by Eldorado BVI to Energold Mining Ltd.
A war-fighting construct means we'll have an air component, a maritime component, a space component, and right now, a missile defense component, pending the outcome of the BMDR.
As acknowledged in the BMDR, 'regional demand for U.