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BMESBiomedical Engineering Society
BMESBiomedical Materials Engineering Science (Alfred University; New York)
BMESBlue Mountains Eye Study (Australia)
BMESBlack Mountain Elementary School (Cave Creek, AZ)
BMESBritish Meat Education Service
BMESBriggs Marine Environmental Services (environmental disaster response)
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Nicola Wilde, BMES product manager, said: "We produce the BMES news twice a year and are encouraging teachers to look more closely at our web site where they will find a great deal more information which we will continue to keep updated.
Okay, we all agree that there are many opportunities in biology-related engineering, but the biomedical areas have already been claimed by BMES.
Some investigators believe BMES represents an early, reversible stage of osteonecrosis.
He has also been a leader in the organization of numerous national meetings and symposia for ASME, BMES, and AIChE in areas related to his research.
ASAE is pleased to be working closely with IEEE and BMES on accreditation of biomedical engineering programs and with ATEE on accreditation of environmental engineering programs.
BMES fosters technology transfer; the exchange of current information and advances in the field; promotes the profession by supporting education and career advancement; and enhances the impact of biomedical engineering and bioengineering on the economy and human health.
Nicola Cooper, health and education manager for BMES said, ``We also have a specialist web site for teachers dealing with food-related subjects at www.