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BMEWSBallistic Missile Early Warning System
BMEWSBarking Moonbat Early Warning System (blog)
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Regarding defense of Conus from missile attack (China, Russia, Iran, North Korea are concerns), the main basing issues today have to do with the upgrading of the BMEWS radars in the United Kingdom at Fylingdale Moor and at Thule, Greenland, under Danish sovereignty.
AUTOVON/AUTODIN = Automatic Voice Network/Automatic Digital Network; DSP = Defense Satellite Program; DEW = Distant Early Warning; BMEWS = Ballistic Missile Early Warning System; SOSUS = Sound Surveillance System; NUDETS = Nuclear Detonation Detection and Reporting System.
PAVE PAWS deployed a far more efficient solid-state phased array technology, thereby eliminating mechanical radar components and the failure of those moving parts, and also the costly klystron transmitters at the BMEWS sites.
Working with our mission partner, the Missile Defense Agency, we are deploying the Upgraded Early Warning Radar system to both BMEWS and PAVE PAWS radars.
As prime contractor for the SSPARS and the missile early warning system, Raytheon was responsible for the design, development, fabrication, installation, and testing of the four SSPARS and two BMEWS sites.
defense systems, including Pave Paws and BMEWS early warning radars, the U.
Raytheon Service Company, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Raytheon Company, maintains a number of ranges involving Pave Paws, BMEWS, and COBRA DANE phased array radars and is a joint venture partner with Computer Sciences Corporation supporting and tracking missile launches from Cape Canaveral.