BMFSFJBundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen Und Jugend (German: Federal Ministry for Family, Seniors, Women and Youth)
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Support of the BMFSFJ in the development of its IT landscape, including the design of processes and the integration of existing and new IT procedures.
The BMFSFJ strives for a long-term cooperation with the AN.
Contact point(s): Bundesamt fE-r Familie und zivilgesellschaftliche Aufgaben, Zentrale Vergabestelle des BMFSFJ, 50964 KE[micro]ln
3: Expert's reports and actors referring to the normative criteria of sustainability intra- and preservation persistence inter-generational of life's of the justice quality system BMFSFJ No No Yes 2003 BMFSFJ Yes No Yes 2005 BMFSFJ Yes Yes Yes 2006 Interviews B1; B3; L1 B1; B3; L1 B1; B2; B3; L1 Source: Own listing
in the Alliance for the Family) but also include economic and demographic argumentation as well as an evaluation of family policy measures (Ristau 2005: 22; BMFSFJ 2003; BMFSFJ 2005; BMFSFJ 2006; CDU, CSU, SPD 2005: 116ff.
Additionally, in chapter 2, normative and integrative aspects of sustainability are studied on the basis of three of the most important expert's reports in this area (BMFSFJ, 2003; BMFSFJ, 2005; BMFSFJ, 2006).
In order to analyze the (macro-)economic and social effects of work-family reconciliation policies, several scientific studies were commissioned by the Ministry, especially to economists (BMFSFJ 2003; BMFSFJ 2005b; Eichhorst et al.
Gutachten im Auftrag des BMFSFJ, Berlin: Deut-sches Institut fur Wirtschaftsforschung.
In order to gain insights into how children and young people from divorce and separation families a good growth is to enable the BMFSFJ will bring a research project on the way.
Control / Monitoring / Cooperation with BMFSFJ and other organizations and networks.