BMGIBreakthrough Management Group Inc. (Longmont, CO)
BMGIBarrett Marketing Group Inc. (Houlton, ME)
BMGIBuenaventura Medical Group, Inc. (Ventura, CA)
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By posting the subject remarks on Facebook directed at complainant and BMGI, respondent disregarded the fact that, as a lawyer, he is bound to observe proper decorum at all times, be it in his public or private life,' lamented the court.
The court noted that Guevarra never denied that he posted the purportedly vulgar and obscene remarks on complainant and BMGI on his Facebook account, alleging in his defense that his right to privacy was violated by complainant when she accessed his Facebook posts since the same were 'private remarks' on his 'private account' that could only be viewed by his circle of friends.
The Chairman for the event Naresh Raisinghani, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director, BMGI India, outlined three key shifts for the Commercial Vehicle Industry.
For a CV player to stand apart and be a market leader with the highest market share, it should adopt a lean paradigm, insisted Nirmalya Banerjee, Business Head & Senior Principal Consultant, BMGI.
David Silverstein, President and CEO of BMGI, author of "Insourcing Innovation" and co-author of the upcoming release by Wiley Publishing titled "The Innovators Toolkit," which will provide business leaders and performance-excellence practitioners with a step-by-step approach for developing innovative capability and putting new ideas into practice.
Phil Samuel, Chief Innovation Officer for BMGI, an innovation thought leader who has authored many articles and papers on the subject and presented at numerous conferences.
BMGI is the world's leading provider of training and consulting for performance excellence.
Upside Learning assisted BMGI to convert its courseware content into various local languages so as to address the specific needs of its clients.
They have localized the courses excellently to suit our business and clients' needs," said David Silverstein, President & CEO at BMGI.
Prior to BMGI, she served as director of marketing and communications for hosting and colocation provider ViaWest, and as marketing manager at Rocky Mountain Internet, solidifying her expertise in marketing communications for the online business solutions industry.