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BMLBibliothèque Municipale de Lyon (French: Lyon Municipal Library; Lyon, France)
BMLBroadcast Markup Language
BMLBodega Marine Laboratory (UC Davis)
BMLBean Markup Language
BMLBusiness Management Layer
BMLBiomedical Library (University of South Alabama and University of California, San Diego)
BMLBank of Maldives (est. 1982)
BMLBetter Markup Language (server-side HTML preprocessor)
BMLBanque Misr Liban (French; Lebanese bank)
BMLBiham-Middleton-Levine (traffic model)
BMLBerlin Regional Airport (airport code; Berlin, NH)
BMLBoston Mutual Life (Insurance Company)
BMLBlue Man Library
BMLBless My Life
BMLBioMechanics Laboratory
BMLBelow the Mud Line (deep-sea studies)
BMLBlinkenlights Markup Language
BMLBytown Marine Ltd (Ottawa, ON, Canada)
BMLBadminton Maisons-Laffitte (French badminton club)
BMLBibliothèque Médicale Lemanissier (French: Lemanissier Medical Library; Le Mans, France)
BMLBidder's Mailing List
BMLBéton Matériaux Lyonnais (French: Lyon Concrete Materials; Lyon, France)
BMLBlizzard Markup Language
BMLBeau Meuble Liégeois (French: Liege Beautiful Furniture; Liege, Belgium)
BMLBelfast and Moosehead Lake Railroad Company
BMLBouchemaine Multi-Loisirs (French recreational and cultural association)
BMLBeaujolais Monts du Lyonnais (French: Beaujolais Hills of Lyon; vocational training)
BMLBlue Mountain Lodge (Banff, AB, Canada)
BMLBéton Mobile Lyon (French concrete manufacturer)
BMLBiologie Moléculaire des Ligneux (French: Molecular Biology of Woody Plants; conference)
BMLBrad Markup Language (precursor to TML and VXML used at Tellme Networks)
BMLBibliothèque Michel Lebrun (French: Michel Lebrun Library)
BMLBorgo Matériel Location (French equipment rental company)
BMLBouchaud Motoculture Loisirs (French gardening and landscaping equipment company)
BMLBase Master Listing
BMLBaies et Menuiseries du Languedoc (French building materials company)
BMLBuckhiester Management Ltd (Seattle, WA)
BMLBrigitte Marchand-Lapointe (French artist)
BMLBeardsley and Memorial Library (Winsted, CT)
BMLBusiness Mortgage Loan
BMLBéton Manufacturé de Lagny SA (French: Lagny Manufactured Concrete; Lagny-sur-Marne, France)
BMLBob Marley Legend
BMLBiblioteca Medicea Laurenziana (Italian library)
BMLBestuur Monumenten en Landschappen (Dutch: Office of Monuments and Sites; Belgium)
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Through BML Investment Partners, Brad is our second largest shareholder and shares our enthusiasm for our business.
However, when the cohort was divided according to the presence (37 subjects) or absence (234 subjects) of BMLs on MRI, the risk of medical knee cartilage defects and volume loss was much more pronounced among exercisers, compared with nonexercisers (odds ratio, 3.
BML Biofuel was set up by Llyr Jones, Bryn Jones and Medwyn Roberts hopes to attract North Wales farmers to play their part
In 2008, BML and Bowker began to share their experiences of running consumer surveys in each country, to see what lessons each could learn from the other.
believes that the BML Letter is materially misleading and inconsistent with a number of material facts disclosed by the Company in the Schedule 14D-9 filed by Matrixx with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 22, 2010, as amended from time to time (the "Schedule 14D-9"), and the Company's other public filings and omits a number of other material facts previously disclosed by the Company.
Snowdonia National Park Authority has given the project a pounds 30,000 grant and BML is also hoping for Assembly Government backing to the tune of pounds 70,000.
Through the company's purchase of the BML platform, eBay entered into the consumer lending business.
As of May 2010, BML ranked fifth out of 12 commercial banks, with a 5.
With this agreement, Darby injected USD12 million into BML capital (about 11.
Under the terms of the agreement, OPIC will provide financing in the form of long term debt that will enable BML to fund its strategic growth aspirations in Africa and Latin America, which includes organic expansion in existing countries and the development of a broader range of financial solutions in those markets.
eBay anticipates that BML will generate an estimated $150 million in revenue in 2009.
BML ratings reflect the operational support of its sole shareholder, the Leon family, adequate liquidity ratios and the positive trend in income and asset diversification.