BMNZBusiness Mentors New Zealand
BMNZBellingham Marine New Zealand (est. 1985)
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Few other organisations, even in the private sector, come close to what BMNZ can offer in terms of support like this.
The new BMNZ initiative will bring in expertise from management and funding raising at larger organisations such as corporate foundations.
In 2006 BMNZ launched a formal Mentor Accreditation requirement, which has helped to improve the quality and consistency of the service.
And in yet another endorsement of the BMNZ programme, Morse has himself signed up as a mentor and is waiting to attend his induction seminar.
BMNZ focuses on the development of capability, profitability and employment generation through its 1700 volunteer mentors who provide their experience, skill and knowledge free of charge.
It's clear that the BMNZ Pacific Programme has earned a special place in the island business environment.
I knew enough about the process to get in touch with BMNZ again and tell them we didn't fit.
Of course, export advice is one of the key areas of expertise many of the 1600 BMNZ volunteer mentors around the country can deliver to their clients.
In February 2010, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade commissioned and fully funded BMNZ to deliver a business mentoring service to 11 Pacific Island countries that New Zealand provides economic aid to.
Tricia Emberson, secretary of the Tonga Chamber of Commerce & Industry, the BMNZ agent for the programme, is thrilled that business mentoring is being offered in the Pacific Islands and hopes the New Zealand mentors will be able to help businesspeople in Tonga deal with the aftermath of the worldwide recession.
However, Ray Schofield, CEO of BMNZ, hopes that the campaign will raise awareness and drive even more business owners to take advantage of the mentoring service.
BMNZ also has a substantial export mentor base, which can be extremely useful for entrepreneurs looking to make their mark overseas.