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BMOCBig Man On Campus
BMOCBangladesh Mathematical Olympiad Committee (also seen as BdMOC)
BMOCBritish Motorcycle Owners Club (Canada)
BMOCBay Meadows Operating Company (San Mateo, CA)
BMOCBest Management Onward Campus Inc. (consulting and management company; Madison, WI)
BMOCBasic Medical Officer Course (Canada)
BMOCBattle Management Operation Center
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The basic research question motivating this study is whether BMOC is a single field of study with a common body of knowledge or three separate fields.
Third, the new American Academy of Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB) curriculum guidelines require only the skills component of oral and written communication and not the cognitive components of rhetorical choice and critical analysis largely because it is hard to know what the cognitive components of BMOC are.
As we began to identify the next steps in evolving our BMOC services, we placed a major emphasis on education aimed at helping our staff to better understand resources like blogs, RSS, wikis and podcasts, and more importantly how to put these to work for our clients," said Tony Sapienza, principal partner at Topaz.
A while back, we stumbled on the astonishing fact that Billy Barty was a BMOC back in his days at L.
The Board of Directors of BMOC is hereby authorized, empowered and directed to, and the Board of Directors of CJC is hereby requested, to take any and all actions (including the expenditure of funds) necessary, desirable or reasonable to ensure the continuation of Bay Meadows Racing operations at the Bay Meadows Racecourse in a way substantially similar to the manner in which it is presently conducted, including, but not limited to, the expeditious development of stabling for 900 horses on or contiguous to the Bay Meadows Racecourse.
CJC shareholders and the BMOC board can and should reject it.
Oxford can have a deflating effect on young egos, not least when quondam BMOCs from American institutions discover its serene indifference to their important presence.
Some of these kids come in as BMOCs and leave as DUDs, and I completely empathize with the 118th man on the roster.
Olympic 200 breaststroke gold medalist Amanda Beard, who's doing swimmingly as a student these days at the University of Arizona, drowns the hopes of many BMOCs by admitting in the latest issue of Sports Illustrated On Campus that she does have a boyfriend, although he lives about 30 hours away by plane.