bmpABasic Membrane Protein A (genetics)
BMPABombay Master Printers' Association
BMPABoston Motion Picture Awards
BMPABone Marrow Proliferation Activity
BMPABone Marrow Proliferation Assay (molecular biology)
BMPABritish Meat Processors Association (UK)
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Eventually, state regulatory agencies did grant the permits to racetrack builders, and the ATC and BMPA were forced to pursue other avenues of action.
8 million was received in April 2015 pursuant to the terms of the BMPA.
The BMPA and its members will want to engage with the EHRC, other relevant agencies and other parts of the industry in order to address these issues," he says.
From a review of The Photo, by the BMPA Founders 2nd Place: Necrolog Written and Directed by Steven Addair Produced by Danielle Addair, Jim Hall
The NFU can work with the BMPA and other trade associations to increase business effectiveness and enhance profitability.
Supermercados do Nordeste (Bovespa: BPC4; 144A: BMPA LX; Reg S: BMPG LX), today announced plans to issue 8.
As a result, one of Britain's largest processors had experienced a 27% production decrease since the beginning of the year, which had led to a weekly reduction in revenue of 40,000 [pounds sterling], the BMPA claimed.
RECIFE, Brazil, May 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Bompreco (Bovespa: BPCO4; 144A: BMPA LX; and Reg S: BMPG LX), today reported 1Q98 net sales of R$310.
The 16m [pounds sterling] would cover the direct costs incurred by FMD and had been reached after a detailed survey of abattoirs and meat processors, said Stuart Roberts, BMPA director general, who estimated that the average loss for each BMPA member was more than 100,000 [pounds sterling].
The initiative comes in response to BMPA members' requests for practical business improvement and development opportunities in the market place.
The impact of movement controls could be significant for red meat suppliers unless they are countered by a government and industry agreement to make Great Britain a single control zone," said BMPA director Stuart Roberts.
Then the BMPA started making higher and higher offers until it got its man.