BMPCBryn Mawr Presbyterian Church (Bryn Mawr, PA)
BMPCBeijing Municipal Planning Commission (China)
BMPCBattalion Mobile Production Center
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BMPC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bechtel National, Inc.
We are committed to a smooth and efficient transition of Bettis and Knolls into BMPC, and look forward to continuing the accomplishments of the men and women at Bettis and Knolls in support of our national defense.
Medco Research and BMPC mutually agreed effective April 1, 1996 to terminate the November 1993 license in which Medco Research granted to BMPC marketing and back-up manufacturing rights to BiDil(R).
Based on the value added to BiDil(R) by Medco Research from the formulation, bioequivalency and other development work it has performed on BiDil(R) and the planned 1996 filing of a BiDil(R) NDA, Medco Research believes, although no assurances can be given, that it will be able to obtain another partner for BiDil(R) on license terms at least as favorable as those it received from BMPC.
By combining hydralazine and isosorbide," says Ted Wood, BMPC president, "BIDIL will deliver the therapeutic benefits of both drugs in a convenient form.
BMPC is committed to developing and marketing important new therapies for cardiovascular, metabolic and oncologic diseases in North America.
BMPC is uniquely positioned to successfully research, develop, and market quality products and services for innovative healthcare management.
This exciting strategic alliance between the Boehringer Mannheim companies reinforces our ability to provide a Continuum of Care -- Diagnose, Treat, Monitor(TM) -- to our customers," says Randy Woods, president, BMPC.