BMQBasic Military Qualification (Canadian military)
BMQBritish Museum Quarterly
BMQBlowin' Money Quicker (Butta Da Prince song)
BMQBranford Marsalis Quartet (jazz group)
BMQBeliefs about Medicines Questionnaire
BMQBamburi Airport (airport code; Kenya)
BMQBlue Mound Quarter (horse breeding farm; Nevis, MN)
BMQBrides Bridesmaids 'n' Quinceaneras (Harrisburg, PA)
BMQBangalore Materials Quiz (competition; Indian Institute of Science Department of Materials Engineering; Bangalore, India)
BMQBéton Mobile Québec (French: Mobile Concrete Quebec; Quebec, Canada)
BMQBlue Mountain Quarters (horse breeding farm; Nevis, MN)
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The BMQ has two subscales with five questions each examining necessity, caregivers' feelings for need and efficacy of medication to sustain health and control illness, and concerns regarding caregivers' feelings of potential adverse effects.
AaMQ through BMQ may be modified by a "1", "2" or "3" to indicate positioning within each rating category.
According to the BMQ sub-score results, patients treated with TNF inhibitors, with or without conventional therapy, had a higher perceived "necessity" for treatment of their disease, compared to patients treated with conventional therapy.
Patients completed validated questionnaires at a single visit, including BMQ and the MMAS-4 that assessed beliefs, concerns, attitudes and adherence toward medication.
It takes all of the three weeks to get used to BMQ," says Francis.
An MES-independent application, LfS supports TibcoRV and BMQ message bus communication.
BMQ options have been allocated to lead market makers Matthew Shaffer and Patrick Ward of TFM Investment Group, who assure that the disseminated market quote is firm for 25 contracts.
BMQ began trading with strike prices of 12 1/2, 15 and 17 1/2, and position limits of 4,500 contracts.
BMQ opened with strike prices of 22 1/2, 25 and 30 and position limits of 3,000 contracts.