BMRBBritish Market Research Bureau
BMRBBiological Magnetic Resonance Data Bank
BMRBBoston Municipal Research Bureau
BMRBBehavioral Medicine Research Building
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Michelle s extensive experience and proven track record with TNS BMRB make her the ideal candidate for the role of Global Head of our Political and Social business.
The poll by TNS BMRB showed that 37% of voters are most likely to vote No, compared to 25% prepared to vote Yes.
Research from both Cardiff and BMRB found that the BBC's performance in this area is "consistently superior" to that of other broadcasters.
The survey conducted by independent researchers BMRB for anti-tobacco campaigners Ash, found 11% of people said smoking was freely allowed in all areas of their workplace.
Conducted in the run-up to the party conference season, the survey by BMRB for Sky News found enormous disenchantment and disinterest in politics.
com, which specialises in last minute travel bookings, is the most instantly recognised travel brand among Internet users with a fifth of web users aware of the brand, according to research conducted by BMRB.
BMRB research indicates that the number of British consumers shopping on-line over the holiday period will increase by an extra 2.
Sales appeal is no secret, according to a recent survey carried out by BMRB for NatWest Mortgage Services.
Leading specialist social research agency TNS BMRB has been awarded the contract for Understanding Society, the prestigious UK Household Longitudinal Study.
The survey by TNS BMRB was held after the date of the referendum was revealed last month.