BMSCCBulk Milk Somatic Cell Counts
BMSCCBluegrass Music Society of the Central Coast (Grover Beach, CA)
BMSCCBuccal Mucosa Squamous Cell Carcinoma (cancer)
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The final regression model for BMSCC showed that the producer's place of residence was a factor associated with lower levels of BMSCC.
041) to present BMSCC above 595,000 cells/mL compared with producers who did not receive such assistance (Table 2).
Unlike milk TBC control programs, which are easier to apply, BMSCC control programs require producers to spend time and make decisions regarding the adoption of hygiene-health management practices and antibiotic therapies (BARLOW, 2011); the implementation of proper milking and maintenance procedures and the correct use of milking equipment and regular monitoring of udder health status (NMC, 2004); the culling of chronically infected cows, identification of clinical and subclinical cases and, in some cases, vaccination of the herd (GREEN et al.
2013) analyzing the milk quality in different milk production ranges in regions of Brazil, found that the BMSCC complied with the legal requirements of 600,000 cells [mL.
However, in our survey, the milking type classes did not differ in mean BMSCC ([Log.