BMSMBuddhist Missionary Society Malaysia
BMSMBuy More, Save More (retail business strategy; various organizations)
BMSMBharatiya Minorities Suraksha Mahasangh (Indian Minorities Protection League)
BMSMBurst-Mode State Machine
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This result based on the BMSM method is similar in magnitude to that based on the market model.
70% for the [1,200] event window using the BMSM model.
The same regression model as in Table IV is used, with the dependent variable being 200 days postevent abnormal equity returns based on the BMSM method.
Using the BMSM model and the calendar-time portfolio approach, I find consistent evidence of long-term negative equity returns for industry portfolios following the emergence of a firm from bankruptcy, supporting the hypothesis that negative competition effects dominate positive spillover effects.