BMTBBone Marrow Trephine Biopsy
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Among the HIV-positive patients, common causes of thrombocytopenia included chemotherapy for high-grade lymphomas, BMTB and sepsis.
This is supported by the normal megakaryocyte numbers as well as the raised immature platelet fraction (a parameter that reflects increased platelet production) seen in many patients with BMTB.
The BMTB has not only failed to take effective measures to support disadvantaged taxi drivers as a result of unequal contracts with their companies, but has also disqualified itself as an impartial regulator of the monopoly since it is the very agency that has granted the sole franchise rights and privileges to these companies and has been deeply involved in taxi operations and rent-seeking.
Extensive plasma cell expansions in BMTB, mucosal lesions and LN biopsies are encountered in HIV patients [7,8].