BMTPBelfast Metropolitan Transport Plan (Department for Regional Development; Belfast, UK)
BMTPBattered Mothers' Testimony Project (Massachusetts)
BMTPBear Mountain Trails Project (New York and New Jersey)
BMTPBlue Mountains Tourist Parks (New South Wales, Australia)
BMTPBulk Mail Transfer Protocol
BMTPBasic Management Training Program
BMTPBergerat Monnoyeur Travaux Publics (French construction company)
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Whereas forty years ago the artists' group BMTP (as in Buren, Mosset, Toroni, Parmentier) affirmed its avant-garde status by defiantly averring, "We are not painters," Stingel finds equal gravitas in confirming that he is nothing but.
The Expanded Beam MT Interconnects include high-density, front-panel interfaces such as MPO, Array Connector and Circular MT connectors as well as backplane connectors including HBMT and BMTP.
The extra import duty of BMTPS is effective for 200 days as from 5 December 2012 on wheat flour in the import tariff categories of 1101.