BMTSBruce Municipal Telephone System (Canada)
BMTSBasic Military Training School
BMTSBaptist Missionary Training School (Philippines)
BMTSBasic Military Training Squadron
BMTSBio-Magnetic Therapy Systems, Inc. (US and Germany)
BMTSBattlefield Ministration Tracking System (GCSS-A)
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Open tournament) Group A: Khatri CC, Bhatkal CC, BMTS, Zain CC.
With Covaro's CC-101 serving customers using copper, a CC-411 serving customers using fiber and Covaro's CC-16000 aggregation device, BMTS is able to offer its customers ubiquitous Ethernet service with a consistent look and feel.
Michael has a demonstrated track record of achieving outstanding sales results, and we are thrilled he is leading our Sales and Marketing division," BMTS CEO Donald G.
As a consequence of the Merger, BMTS Holdings, as the surviving entity, will serve as the public holding company for BMTS.
The exact number of shares to be issued in exchange for the BMTS shares will be adjusted at closing so that the total number of CET shares issued to the BMTS shareholders, including shares of common stock issuable upon exercise of outstanding options and warrants, will represent, when issued, 94% of the total issued and outstanding shares of CET on a fully diluted basis.
While developing the Demolizer(TM) II, BMTS searched for months for a printer that could meet its needs.
BMTS promoted its state-of-the-art smart automation solutions for homes and buildings, enterprises, industries and transportation.
BMTS is a leader in the UAE in providing a wide range of high-quality value-added technical solutions with engineering, integration and maintenance services to technically-superior buildings and infrastructure, while Schneider Electric is a European multinational corporation that specialises in electricity distribution, automation management and produces installation components for energy management.
As former BMT Trainee and as luck would have it, a BMTS Commander, I know how important these MTIs are to the mission.
The award selection for BMTS is in recognition of its innovative sun-tracking and integrated light management system implemented at the 382 metre-high World Trade Centre Development (WTCD) project, the re-development of Abu Dhabi's Central Market.
When BMTS began to update its long-range transportation plan, Executive Director Steven Gayle opted for a scenario planning approach.