BMVRBibliothèque Municipale a Vocation Régionale (French public library; Nice, France)
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This consultation concerns the supply, implementation and maintenance of a public terminal management system (RDMS) for the library system, the future BMVR Caen-la-Mer and other public institutions.
BMVR is the first cultural building in France to be designed by OMA.
The BMVR library will have an archive of around 150,000 documents.
The contract is the creation of a web portal, including in particular a digital library, a meta-search catalog and computer tools for the user in the BMVR.
Cleaning six municipal sites with a total area of about 40,875 square meters in the detailed specifications of the CCTP, on the following sites: Old Charity BMVR, National Conservatory and its annex, History museum, Museum Fine Arts.
Supply, implementation and maintenance of a Web document portal for the network of libraries and the future BMVR Caen la mer : The future of the information system CACLM fits into the framework of implementation of a network of public libraries in the territory of the city and a proposed new library (BMVR).