BMVSSBhagwan Mahaveer Viklang Sahayata Samiti (limb-fitting organization; Jaipur, India)
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BMVSS is an India-based company that manufactures artificial limbs, wheelchairs, and other medical appliances.
On one single day at the Kabul's Khair Khana where the BMVSS is holding the camp 65 handicapped were attended and some of them walked with the artificial limb the very next day with confidence with the smile on their face that ended years of miseries.
But the Jaipur foot has given us mobility and the opportunity to earn our bread as we have gained active mobility The BMVSS like any other normal person," Ahmad Shah said.
The BMVSS has undertaken the venture to help the handicapped Afghans," D R Mehta, founder and chief patron of the organisation, said.
Wheelchair distributors, represented by APDK, Transitions, and BMVSS, set the price point of approximately $200, which makes the LFC competitively priced and the same cost to donors as other wheelchairs on the market.
BMVSS is the world's largest organization providing support to physically challenged persons.
BMVSS has so far conducted such camps in nearly twenty five countries and in all, nearly 20,000 people in these countries have benefitted from the Jaipur Foot or the Jaipur knee.
This gave birth to the idea of BMVSS," Mehta told MAIL TODAY .
BMVSS has travelled a long distance since its inception.