BMWDBexar Metropolitan Water District (San Antonio, TX)
BMWDBerrenda Mesa Water District (est. 1963; Bakersfield, CA)
BMWDBroad Molecular Weight Distribution (materials engineering)
BMWDBangor-Monitor Water District (Bay County, Michigan)
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Against FH, FH/PN, FH/TH, and FH/TH/PN transmissions, a filterbank BMWD system can use the knowledge that only one frequency slot is occupied at any instant by employing an OR-gate to allow, at most, a single "1" to enter the window every T seconds.
2] that the binary number 1 enters the BMWD is denoted by [P.
The probability of a detection by the BMWD is approximately equal to (and bounded below by) the probability that there are at least [K.
SJWTX signed the purchase agreement with BMWD on 17 November 2009, which was later amended to provide for, among other things a faster closing, the company said that this adds over 500 new connections and achieves an important milestone in the development of its integrated regional water system, which now totals over 10,000 service connections in Comal County and south Blanco County.