BMWEBrotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees (Canada)
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Despite the concerns over federal intervention, the BMWE and the CAW were unable to coordinate their actions.
BMWE officials could not be reached for comment Monday.
The BMWE wanted to bargain separately with each carrier because it felt that strategy would preserve the strike threat as a bargaining tactic.
Ron Bowden, eastern system federation general chairman of the BMWE in Canada and chairman of the union bargaining committee, said: "Never before has the BMWE been able to renegotiate a labour agreement with CN so far in advance of a current agreement's expiry.
The BMWE will actively support the CN/BNSF combination and will take appropriate action before all relevant forums to convey that support.
In agreeing to this settlement, we want our African American employees and the BMWE to know that Amtrak values diversity.
BMWE and CN have also agreed to good-faith negotiations to deal with any other merger issues.
General Chairman Jed Dodd of the Pennsylvania Federation, which has jurisdiction over the BMWE track maintenance, building, bridge and electric catenary system workers on Amtrak's Northeast Corridor, stated:
Assess -- in cooperation with the BMWE and the FRA -- track department manpower requirements.
The strike had effectively shut down train operations on the former Union Pacific proper and was called because Union Pacific Railroad (UPRR) announced that the track panel assembly plant in Laramie, Wyoming, owned by UPRR and operated under contract by employees represented by the BMWE would be closed down and that future panels would be purchased from outsiders.