BMWEBrotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees (Canada)
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Initially the BMWE began a series of rotating strikes a week before the CAW had positioned its strike deadline.
The first table presents the picture at Canadian Pacific, between the company and the BMWE before and after the 1995 arbitration.
At CP, the BMWE saw the coverage of ES reduced from 100 per cent of take home pay to 90 per cent.
BMWE president Mac Fleming said the union would appeal the decision because it "makes collective bargaining impossible.
To date, only the BMWE and two other unions have progressed through direct negotiations to mediation.
Notwithstanding the docketing of the disputes by the NMB, the BMWE announced in April that it would strike one or more of the rail carriers.
CN has six bargaining units, including the BMWE, representing seven unions in Canada whose three-year collective agreements expire on Dec.
The BMWE is the fourth employee group to back the CN/BNSF combination.
No movement or utilization of BMWE-represented personnel across international borders by CN/BNSF unless agreed to by BMWE; * No major downsizing of the BMWE-represented work force as a result of the combination in the United States or Canada; * No consolidation of seniority districts or collective bargaining agreements except at 13 terminal points; * Ten years' standard rail industry employee protection benefits to BMWE members who are adversely affected by the combination; * Ten years of employment security benefits for all Canada-based, BMWE-represented employees in active service and affected by technological, operational or organizational change as a result of the combination; * A liberal moving benefit package.
In agreeing to this settlement, we want our African American employees and the BMWE to know that Amtrak values diversity.
BMWE and CN have also agreed to good-faith negotiations to deal with any other merger issues.
I am delighted with the speed at which the mutually-beneficial agreement was signed and thank the BMWE for deciding to actively support the merger transaction.