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BMZBundesministerium Für Wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit (German Federal Ministry for Economic Development Cooperation)
BMZBig Movie Zone (website)
BMZBasement Membrane Zone
BMZBatterien-Montage-Zentrum GmbH (German battery company)
BMZBetamethasone (drug)
BMZBioMedizinZentrum (German: Biomedical Center)
BMZBonne Musique Zydeco (French: Good Zydeco Music; band)
BMZBrigada Mariscal Zabala (Guatemalan Army)
BMZBrand-Melde-Zentrale (German)
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Through our partnership with BMZ, we are investing in skills building for the next generation of Egyptian workers so they are best positioned to contribute towards their country's sustainable development," she added.
BMZ said in its statement that this contractual framework means service providers are paid from the savings they achieve.
According to the Deniz Haber news agency, the two tankers bought by the BMZ Group, which have been named TA1/4rkter 82 and Armada Fair, have entered waters at Istanbul's TA1/4rkter Shipyard.
According to the Deniz Haber news agency, the two tankers bought by the BMZ Group, which have been named TE-rkter 82 and Armada Fair, have entered waters at ystanbul's TE-rkter Shipyard.
BMZ students are marked by an above-average social competence, and regularly qualify as top academic performers.
Wartsila and BMZ recognise this agreement as a basis for a long-term cooperation for manufacturing Wartsila low-speed engines.
Previous reports indicate that the BMZ Group is planning on purchasing a fifth tanker.
The M/T Shovket Alekperova is the third in a series of five tankers to be purchased by BMZ the total cost of which will be around $90 million.
and on the basis of normative legal acts of BMZ, the management company of the BMK holding, if the cost of supply of the participants in this purchase, which are not producers or their sales organizations (official trade representatives - documentary agreements (agreements) with manufacturers at the time of submission of the proposal) higher than the manufacturer participating in this purchase, the customer has the right to not admit the proposal for further procurement procedure.
Contract notice:New building BMZ II - screed & upper floor
Under the milestone agreement, Siemens will join forces with the Deutsche Gesellschaft fr Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, on behalf of BMZ, to establish and operate a joint technical training center in Ain Sokhna.
Tenders are invited for Construction and installation works on current repair at the facilities of OAO BMZ - the managing company of the holding BMK