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BMusBachelor of Music
BMusBritish Medical Ultrasound Society (London, UK)
BMusBottomfish Management Unit Species
BMusBurden of Musculoskeletal Diseases in the United States
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At each iteration, once SOM has been trained on N - 1 ECRs, and when the testing sample is presented as input, a BMU is selected in the matching step of the SOM algorithm.
To investigate this non-trivial interplay and its effects on the map states, we first measured activation levels of the map after exposure to each word from sets i-iv, by looking at the node-averaged activation strength of the integrated BMU chain responding to each input word (4).
CoxGomyl is the global leading building access solutions leader specialising in building maintenance unit (BMU) design, manufacturing and installation, and has over 6,000 BMU project references worldwide.
The parapet-mounted sliding BMUs, which have been custom made for the Burj, are designed to access the lower levels up to 380m above ground level.
Este trabajo es un avance sobre el tema de remodelacion osea y el modelado del proceso de funcionamiento de las BMUs.
Rosalie Day BMus AMusA GradDipLibStud MA AALIA has been employed as information manager at Community Information Strategies Australia Inc since 2000.
Learning and participation are at the heart of the vision for the building and the programme of learning offers something for everyone, from workshops for the very young to a BMus Hons developed in collaboration with Newcastle University.
He begins by describing osteoporosis, how it begins and progresses, and the conditions and injuries it causes, then examines BMUS ("the microcrack fixers"), the relationship between menopause and bone loss, the work of the bone-anabolic PTHs and how they might stimulate bone growth, the possibilities of the osteogenic growth peptide and the stains, the nature of surface signaling steroids, whether as real anabolics or pseudo-anabolics, and the possible contributions of strontium.
She signed up to the BMus course four years ago and this year, to complete her course, she is looking to arrange live shows for her band, Roll A Penny, in and around Teesside.
Degrees: BMus and MDiv, McGill University; MTh, Wilfrid Laurier University; PhD, Boston University.
DIANNE EBERHARD, AA, BMus, is Grants Administrator, Vanderbilt University School of Nursing, Nashville, TN.