BNAFBureau of National Affairs, Inc.
BNAFBritish North Africa Forces
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En diversas ocasiones, productos de otras regiones intentaron entrar en el mercado local utilizando, de forma inadecuada, el referencial BNAF sin lograr exito.
The final rule revised the phase-out of the BNAF to occur over seven years versus the two year phase-out period included in the proposed rule.
Just this week, CMS released a proposed FY2010 Hospice Wage Index rule that would incorporate a 75 percent reduction in the BNAF, which is a 3.
This guidance assumes VITAS will receive a Medicare basket price increase, net of the BNAF phase-out, of 1.
In addition, Fitch has assigned a 'BBB' Issuer Default Rating (IDR) to BNAF.
BNAF is an indirect, wholly owned financing subsidiary of Bunge Limited (Bunge), whose general and limited partners are indirect, wholly owned Canadian subsidiaries of Bunge.