BNAIBunge North America, Inc.
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BNAI said the title will carry advice from professionals writing about the jurisdiction they work in, analysis of laws and regulations, and information on avoiding problems and penalties.
has begun the production of Personal Privacy Update, a new online information service for professionals working within the media and those representing clients "in the public eye," BNAI said.
BNAI said the new service is being written by privacy specialists from law firms around the world and is a compilation of news, assessment, analysis and commentary regarding the legal protection of privacy and the way the media (both traditional and electronic) represents individuals.
Also, BNAI has launched Tax Planning International Country Profiles, a subscription online service that provides detailed profiles of 33 tax regimes, including an overview of the U.
Graveside funeral services will be held at 2 PM on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 11th in BNAI BRITH CEMETERY on ST.
BNAI said the Journal is designed to help subscribers "draw upon the latest comment and analysis from professionals working in the field of money laundering prevention and investment regulation to ensure successful compliance.
World Corporate Finance Review covers legal and taxation developments affecting corporate financing and treasury work and is designed to help achieve the best possible return from your financing and treasury work," BNAI said.
BNAI said the journal offers "practical advice from leading experts" on such issues as syndicated lending, regulation of financial institutions and offshore financial centers, recognizing a problem activity, interpreting legislative counter measures and implementing appropriate systems to prevent financial crime, and, mutual investment funds.
Over the next few months BNAI said it will add an "E-Commerce Web Library," an "Intellectual Property Law Library" and a "World Law Library," containing information from BNAI's other legal publications.