BNAPSBritish North America Philatelic Society
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Also, given the strong links between health, poverty and economic development, the BNAPS Project would ultimately contribute toward achieving Botswana's higher level poverty alleviation and economic growth objectives.
As a result, although the BNAPS Project would support the comprehensive NSF, it would not function as a SWAp at its inception.
At the strategic level, the existing Project Steering Committee (PSC) is responsible for providing strategic direction and oversight for the BNAPS project and approving the annual work plans/ budgets for all BNAPS implementing partners.
NACA will have three main committees for facilitating the implementation of BNAPS.
The BNAPS Project will be supporting the further strengthening of this system, with a focus on monitoring and evaluation at decentralized levels of the response (Annex 3).
The BNAPS Project would support this approach through its targeted and results-based interventions, and would additionally ensure that the results of planned additional social assessment work are reflected in the evolving program design.
Through the BNAPS Project, concerted efforts would be made to promote socio-cultural norms, values, and beliefs that are consistent with the reduction of HIV transmission, and to protect the human rights of those infected or affected by the disease.
No safeguard policies have been triggered by the BNAPS Project (as noted below and also in Annex 10).
Strategy and Oversight: Two high-level institutions (PSC and TSC), as mentioned earlier, will be charged with the strategic and oversight functions of the BNAPS Project.
BNAPS monitoring and evaluation will be as provided in the Botswana's National Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.
The BNAPS loan will accordingly be provided for in NACA's annual Budget over the life of the project.
Under BNAPS, the institutional structure will be aligned to be more efficient and effective in resource mobilization, training of project implementation entities as appropriate, establishment of financial guidelines, framework for budget allocation.