BNATButt Numb A Thon (film festival)
BNATBinhai New Area of Tianjin (China)
BNATBachelor of Nursing Accelerated Track
BNATBasic Neuroscience Advanced Training (University of Colorado Health Sciences Center)
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Company-sanctioned networking or affinity groups, including: -- BellSouth Alianza - Alliance for Hispanic Employees -- BNAT - BellSouth Network of African-American Telecommunications Professionals -- BellSouth NewANGLE - New Associates Networking for Gay and Lesbian Equality -- A Women's networking group to be launched later this year -- Charitable Giving programs: -- Annually, 45 percent of all charitable contributions support organizations that directly benefit minorities.
The company has in place five other employee-driven networking groups: An African American affinity group, BNAT - BellSouth Network of African American Telecommunications Professionals, a Hispanic networking group called Alianza, a women's networking group called the BellSouth Women's Networking Alliance, a Native American group (Inter-Tribal Council of BellSouth Employees), and the Pan Asian Council of BellSouth Employees.