BNBMBeijing New Building Materials
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PMMHF 2017 attracted almost every China leading prefab house related exhibitor along with dozens of oversea top brands, including Vertex CAD/PDM Systems, Nova Deco, Izonil, BNBM, Elephant Steel, Pinnacle, Anyfun Homes, etc.
As the nation remembers him on his birth centenary on April 3, his doctor BNBM Prasad has thrown fresh light on the towering persona of one of India's greatest generals.
The Petrodar Oil Company will build the Close Sport Complex in the Andrew Both Deng's Basket Ball Memorial Ground in AlMuderia, and a Friendship Conference Hall in the State Capital Malakal, said the General Manager He reviewed the building of low-cost houses the Marketing Department of the BNBM Construction Company.