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BNCBayonet Neill-Concelman (connector named for its inventors)
BNCBritish National Corpus
BNCBanque Nationale du Canada (National Bank of Canada)
BNCBibliothèque Nationale du Canada (National Library of Canada)
BNCBrasenose College (Oxford)
BNCBayonet Nut Coupling
BNCBallet Nacional de Cuba
BNCBritish Naval Connector
BNCBayonet Nut Connector
BNCBerkeley Nucleonics Corporation
BNCBankruptcy Noticing Center
BNCBayonet Connector
BNCBayonet Navy Connector
BNCBaby N Connector (chiefly US usage)
BNCBanque Nationale de Crédit (French)
BNCBritish National Connector
BNCBanco Nacional de Crédito Imobiliário (Portuguese Bank)
BNCBanque de Nouvelle Calédonie (French: Bank of New Caledonia; New Caledonia)
BNCBinational Center (various locations)
BNCBarrel Nut Connector (coaxial networking)
BNCByron Nelson Championship
BNCBFC Construction (stock symbol)
BNCBethany Nazarene College (Oklahoma)
BNCBear Naked Chicago (Chicago, IL)
BNCBayonet Naur Connector
BNCBoulder Nordic Club (Boulder, CO, USA)
BNCBig North Conference (Michigan)
BNCBudapest Neutron Centre (Budapest, Hungary)
BNCBlair Network Communications
BNCBase Neutralizing Capacity
BNCBritish Nut Connector
BNCBollack Netter et Compagnie (French: Bollack Netter and Company; automobile company; Paris, France)
BNCBechtel Nevada Corporation
BNCBayonet N-Type Compact
BNCBibliothèque Nationale du Cambodge (French: National Library of Cambodia; Phnom Penh, Cambodia)
BNCBurst Non-Coherent (Model)
BNCBinary Network Connector
BNCBasutoland National Council
BNCBurst-Noise Channel
BNCBathymetric Navigation Chart
BNCBladder Neck Contracture/Closure (urology)
BNCBan-Cal Tri-State Corporation (former stock symbol; now de-listed)
BNCBibliothèque Numérique du Centre (French: Digital Library Center; Canada)
BNCBlend Nucleonics Corp. (gaming clan)
BNCBuilding Native Communities (financial education)
BNCBénéfices Non Commerciaux (French: Non-Commercial Profits; taxes)
BNCBusiness Network Chicago (Chicago, IL)
BNCBrand New Church (Harrison, AK)
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Similar to other universal banks in the banking system, BNC relies almost entirely on customer deposits for funding.
Under the terms of the merger agreement, BNC shareholders received 0.
A full brand change of all BNC offices and services is expected late in the third quarter of 2017, and BNC clients can expect clear communication about how the merger will affect them throughout the summer and fall.
On consummation of this proposal, BNC would become the 167th largest depository organization in the United States, with consolidated assets of approximately $7.
Idealization strategy of British and American idioms is analyzed by checking frequencies using BNC (British National Corpora) and COCA (Corpora of Contemporary American).
The Amphenol BNC is an ideal solution for efficiently connecting modern compact broadcast equipment, and has already been adopted by major manufacturers like Harris Broadcast.
This TX/RX BNC Switch incorporates a high quality sealed switch with self-wiping low impedance contacts.
Toledo Mining said that while its overall interest in BNC "will not materially change" as a result of these transactions, it is an important step for the company to have greater representation on the BNC board through its increased direct holding.
Moore's Law has applied to TV technology, though; and today the determining factor in the size of, say, a 64x64 router is not the number of boards it takes to do the processing but the need to have a back panel big enough for 128 BNC sockets.
Following the sale of the selected deposits and assets, BNC National Bank will continue to offer its range of banking services in the Arizona and Minnesota markets.
The researchers that provide the expertise for BNC are from Imperial College in London, the London Center for Nanotechnology at University College London and the United Kingdom's National Physical Laboratory.