BNCOCBasic Non-Commissioned Officer Course
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Phase I for both ANCOC and BNCOC were considered separate courses, independent of the intelligence-centric training, and each was 2 weeks and 2 days in length.
Some soldiers may have the perception that they are going to lose points because their particular BNCOC is longer than 10 weeks, said Sergeant Major Gerald Purcell, personnel policy integrator with the Army's G1.
While the opportunity is now only provided to ECCC graduates, Engineer School cadre and the Fort Leonard Wood Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) Academy are forming an exploration committee to conduct a limited pilot of this program with NCOs and junior officers (BOLC, WOES, 21B BNCOC and ANCOC, 21H BNCOC and ANCOC, and 21N BNCOC and ANCOC graduates).
In addition to the Soldiers trained onsite at Fort Benning, BNCOC also provides mobile training teams (MTTs) that train at other installations upon request.
1st Class Barry Nelson, one of the BNCOC instructors, said the course was designed like every other BNCOC.
Again, most of the tasks are common tasks throughout the Army and this coupled with the downward migration of skills and competencies might result in the elimination of what we now call BNCOC phase 1 or Stand Alone Common Core.
TRADOC continues to move towards TATS, and the Military Police School is meeting the challenge by having fielded TATS courses for BNCOC and ANCOC, with the MPCCC scheduled to be forwarded to the Army Training Support Center (ATSC) by the end of April.
A: Yes, since our MOS does not have a BNCOC it would fit the ARMY NCOES requirement as well as ensure the NCO has a background in tactical and strategic communications which although it is not a requirement, it is a great help when it comes to explaining the possibilities of interference, bandwidth requirements and restrictions due to the limitations of available spectrum.
I see the year after OSUT, BNCOC, and ANCOC as the critical times in an NCO's development.
This saves valuable time for the command by having BNCOC and ANCOC students in-processed prior to showing up for their course.
PLDC and BNCOC instructors must be staff sergeants, while ANCOC instructors must be sergeants first class.
Starting in September 2007, the training and access to the National Security Agency's (NSA) databases during BNCOC will require ALL 98C students to complete the ANNEX P process and obtain a Personal Key Identifier (PKI).