BNCWBare Nickel Chrome Wire
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For more information about hosting one of the available NBN slots in 2016, please contact BNCW Membership and Events Director, Lindsay Everhart, at 293-5840 or via email at Lindsay@BuildingNCW.
Listen to what one of our valued vendors has to say about why his company makes the BNCW Home Show a part of their annual marketing plan:
We appreciate their help and in the future, no matter what our need is, will turn to BNCW for assistance in finding the right contractor.
According to the BNCW bylaws, Chairman Travis Hofstetter has made appointments to the BNCW Nominating Committee, which, in turn, is evaluating nominations from the membership to serve as directors as well as those current directors who will serve as officers in 2016.
A 2010 study commissioned by BNCW demonstrates that every 100 newly constructed single-family homes creates $22.
BNCW is seeking members who have an interest in serving on the association's board of directors.
We would like to extend special thanks to BNCW member Jeff Story (Story Construction and a BNCW director) for his assistance in manning the hot grill on an equally hot evening
Now there's a more convenient way to get information about the 2015 BNCW Home Tour & Remodeling Expo -- including driving directions that sync with Google Maps for easier tour navigation
Please don't hesitate to call the BNCW office, at (509) 293-5840, if you have any questions regarding the directory ad sales.
If you wish to contact any of the officers or directors, please visit the BNCW website for their contact information.
You may access a copy of this new booklet from L&I's website, or log onto the "Members Only" area of the BNCW website.
However, if you've attended the BNCW Home Show, or our Annual Auction, you will have no doubt witnessed the wide array of absolutely stunning custom pieces in addition to their counter tops.