BNDESPARBndes Participações (Brazil)
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BNDESPAR and state-owned pension funds are the main Brazilian governmental branches of shareholder participation.
Autonomous agencies, like the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), BNDESPAR (BNDES' commercial branch), state-owned companies and pension funds are indirect channels that intermediate government dialogue with Brazilian MNCs.
A BNDESPAR subscrevera ate US$ 2 bilhoes de debentures da JBS.
Some of the capital increase would not be in cash, however, as BNDESPAR would swap its common shares of Aracruz for preferred shares of VCP.
Without additional equity being infused by VID or BNDESPAR, or a more favorable price outlook, the ratings of the combined entity would likely be below 'BB+' and 'AA-(bra)'.
As of today, a group of shareholders led by Tarpon Investments, which owns 157,300 common shares and 7,914,147 preferred shares, and BNDESPAR, which owns 12.
BNDESPAR ("BNDESPAR") disclosing its intention to sell its shares in the de-listing cash offer for all the outstanding shares of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brasil S.
Assuming that the conditions of the Offer proposed by ArcelorMittal are confirmed after the registration process with the Brazilian Securities Commission ("CVM"), then, assuming that BNDESPAR tenders its shares in the Offer, BNDESPAR's shares, together with that of the shareholders of the ArcelorMittal Inox Brasil who have already communicated their intention to sell in the Offer, as disclosed in the press release issued by the Company on December 4th, 2007, would permit ArcelorMittal to reach the minimum acceptance level required in the Offer for de-listing to be achieved.
Aracruz's voting shares are controlled by the Lorentzen Group (28%), VCP (28%), the Safra Group (28%), and BNDESPAR (12.
In the event BNDESPAR exercises its preference rights, BNDESPAR will become a party to the Exchange Agreement and both Globopar and BNDESPAR will share proportionally with respect to the exercised preference rights and in accordance with the terms of the Exchange Agreement.