BNEPBluetooth Network Encapsulation Protocol
BNEPBaltimore Needle Exchange Program (Baltimore, MD)
BNEPBasic Naval Establishment Plan
BNEPBiuro Nadzoru Estetyki Produkcji (Polish: Production Aesthetics Supervision Bureau)
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It's difficult for any single company to win a BNEP award, and helping three win in a single year is a testament to Antenna's impressive storytelling ability and deep energy expertise.
Because of the delays in communication at that period, Stael-Holstein did not get Jayne's December 10th letter before receiving his telegram of December 28th, by which time the revised paper had already been published in BNEP, Peking.
Decodes Baseband, LMP, L2CAP, SDP, RFCOMM, TCS, OBEX, HDLC, PPP, BNEP, HID, AT Commands, HCI UART (H4), BCSP (BlueCore Serial Protocol), HCI, TCP/IP, AVCTP, AVDTP and HCRP.