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AcronymDefinition (Blizzard Entertainment)
BNETBusiness Network (various organizations)
BNETBentley Intranet
BNETBilly Noguera Entertainment Group Inc.
BNETBritain-Nigeria Educational Trust
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These transcripts are a natural complement to our extensive industry coverage, and we're excited to work with Seeking Alpha in bringing them to BNET.
Featuring original blog reports from respected journalists, such as David Hamilton, who spent 14 years as a reporter for the Wall Street Journal, BNET will cover industries including Healthcare, Automotive, Media, Pharmaceutical, Financial Services, Food, Retail, Advertising, Energy, Technology, and Travel, with more industries to be added in the future.
If you miss a live broadcast of a must-see event, don't worry; just log onto the BNET Web site and access the video-on-demand archive.
The CEAS partnership is a tangible bond that elevates area businesses to a place where they should be during an emergency or disaster as true partners in response and recovery", said TJ Lukasiewicz, BNET Board Trustee, "This was a truly collaborative effort between both public and private sectors.
With the economy slowing down, people need to know how to deal with layoffs," said Jeff Davis, executive editor at BNET.
Launched in April, BNET Industries combines original reporting with business fundamentals on more than 9,000 public companies, giving business managers a single destination to research activity within their business ecosystem.
The Overseas Briefing Center and BNET have partnered to make top-quality post videos more accessible to employees all over the world.
As one of the most visited business Web sites, BNET is committed to delivering quality and informative content for managers dedicated to succeeding in their work life.
This move has secured Vipnet additional presence on the domestic TV services market, following the companys acquisition of cable operator Bnet in 2011 in a transaction worth HRK 93m or EV/EBITDA = 11.
The RQ Bridge BNet and the RQ Bridge LON allow for effective communication between BacNet and LonWorks BMS and ESI's RQ motor control network, enabling complete control of RQ devices.
Nearby Sadiki school pupils joined the protesters who tried to force their way through security barricades at the entrance of Bab Bnet Avenue, but the army forces intervened urging them through megaphones to comply with security restrictions.