BNHSBombay Natural History Society
BNHSBritish Natural Hygiene Society (est. 1956; UK)
BNHSBasilan National High School
BNHSBiotinyl-N-Hydroxysuccinimide (immunology)
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Apart from BNHS, other organizations such as Aaranyak, Wildlife Protection Society of India, TRAFFIC_India and Wildlife Society of Orissa, have also written to the government asking it to reject this suggestion.
The Sena had defaced the BNHS building and forcefully blackened the 'B' of Bombay in its name and painted an 'M' instead.
In this short survey conducted by BNHS in Siro Village and Talley Valley reserve of Lower Subansiri, the team recorded close to 385 moth species and 68 butterfly species.
It has been reported by the BNHS that birds exhibiting these clinical signs invariably die after a period of 30-32 days of illness.
The BNHS has sent letters to recognised public and private schools in Mumbai and Thane asking principals to encourage pupils from Standards 5 to 8 to send in their entries: painting, poem or slogan on nature conservation in Marathi, Hindi or English.
Anyone with past or present information about house sparrows is encouraged to participate," a BNHS spokesperson said.
A BNHS spokesperson said volunteers were asked to identify the leak and clean up the slick.
We are pursuing a number of large ID and BNHS (bank note and high security documents) projects, mainly outside of Europe and the US, and to the extent that these contracts are secured, they will benefit both the second half and future years.
Public opinion to save the sparrow and other small birds across India is expected to intensify this year as the BNHS and the Nashik-based Nature Forever Society will spread their awareness campaigns through this year's theme of "Chirp for the Sparrow, Tweet for the Sparrow.
The BNHS team is collecting sand samples to carry out a systematic analysis -- a scientific count of flora and fauna, and measure it over a period of time.
The alarming situation has compelled the BNHS to urge the government to start special programmes for the protection of birds and their habitats.
BNHS Director Dr Asad Rahmani, who is also a member of the BirdLife Global Council, says: "As a consequence of climate change, a global study points that 15-37 per cent of species could be extinct by 2050.