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The e-catalog will also feature all of the products available from BNI -- including audio CD's, PDF downloads, BNI promotional products, and Dr.
The new Holywell BNI will meet at the hotel between 7am and 8.
The Oceanside BNI Chapter currently has 34 members and over the last twelve months has passed 1,110 referrals, resulting in more than $700K in take home business for the members.
BNI, an international referral networking organization that helps businesses and professionals cultivate success through word-of-mouth marketing, explains to members from day one that the real power of networking is realized when they give a business lead to another BNI member.
Local BNI chapters meet weekly and are dedicated to sharing referral business picked up by members during the previous week.
BNI, the Indonesia's fourth largest bank in terms of assets mainly providing financing for the government and local leading companies, has entered into a business cooperation agreement for the first time with a Japanese financial institution in the leasing business in Indonesia.
MERSEYSIDE has shown the biggest rise in business deals out of 15,000 UK members of global networking group BNI (Business Network International).
The BNI model is to allow only one person per profession to join each chapter.
BNI chapters strive to create an atmosphere of both accountability and support.
Lynley Robb, Executive Director of BNI said: "We felt the event we held at Kingston Park was a great success and I'm sure was helped by the setting and facilities.
During the BNI International Directors' Conference in November of 2007, Dr.