BNPIBioNumerik Pharmaceuticals Inc (San Antonio, Texas)
BNPIBenedict Nuclear Pharmaceuticals Inc.
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BNPI is one of the major banks and has been operating in Lebanon since 1944.
BNPI will resume its activities under the name Emirates Lebanon Bank S.
The Lebanese branch of BNPI declared net profits of $17.
Emirates Lebanon Bank will be 81 per cent owned by Bank of Sharjah with BNPI France holding the balance of 19 per cent.
This was partly attributed to the phenomenal growth of the institution witnessed during the second half of last year and also due to its acquisition of the assets and liabilities of BNPI branch in Lebanon, which it acquired through its subsidiary Emirates Lebanon Bank S.
The Lebanon BNPI branch procurement was a first for the country, as never before had a UAE-based bank acquired a majority stake in a Lebanese operation.