BNPPBNP Paribas (French bank)
BNPPBank-Netherlands Partnership Program
BNPPBis (4-Nitrophenyl) Phosphate
BNPPBushehr Nuclear Power Plant (Bushehr, Iran)
BNPPBelow Ground Net Primary Productivity
BNPPBacillus Natto Productive Protein (physiology)
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All facets of the BNPP studies were already completed.
Assuming, without saying, that the community will not permit it, I have to look at an alternative because I have to put a closure to the BNPP,' Cusi said.
The BNPP is 'an environmental and health hazard with obsolete technology, perilously placed atop the active Lubao fault and on the slopes of Mt.
CI Ratings believes BNPP has significant resources to support BMCI in case of need, and that the latter remains an important (although very small in the context of BNPP's overall size and resources) part of its north African and wider African operations.
The BNPP RICI Energie (TR) Enhanced ETC enables investors to participate in energy sector performance.
He challenged BNPP advocates to inform the public where the radioactive waste would be stored to make it safe from earthquakes and volcanic hazards given Mt.
On September 1, 2015, nine Congressmen sent a letter to Attorney General Lynch asking that BNPP funds be used to supplement humanitarian assistance for Sudanese refugees and IDPs.
15) Part IV outlines the BNPP case and the actions that lead to such a large sanction and settlement.
In addition, BNPP has announced its plan to merge BGZ with its other subsidiary in Poland, BNPP Polska S.
The RQFII license is expected to allow BNPP IP to provide its clients with access to the most recent route to invest in China's internationalising domestic capital markets, including A-shares and onshore bond markets, denominated in RMB, which is expected to provide direct and straightforward access to the growing Chinese economy to its retail and institutional clients.
BNPP is also the structuring bank, the documentation bank, the agent and the account bank.
S) Another problem area is the lack of an overall detailed technical and quality assurance plan for BNPP.