BNPPBNP Paribas (French bank)
BNPPBank-Netherlands Partnership Program
BNPPBis (4-Nitrophenyl) Phosphate
BNPPBushehr Nuclear Power Plant (Bushehr, Iran)
BNPPBelow Ground Net Primary Productivity
BNPPBacillus Natto Productive Protein (physiology)
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On September 1, 2015, nine Congressmen sent a letter to Attorney General Lynch asking that BNPP funds be used to supplement humanitarian assistance for Sudanese refugees and IDPs.
The Bank receives operational and executive management support from the BNPP Group and looks to exploit synergies with the parent bank, particularly in product offering.
The RQFII license will enable BNPP IP to provide its clients with access to the latest route to invest in China s internationalising domestic capital markets, including A-shares and onshore bond markets, denominated in RMB.
Basil Al Zaid, chief financial and technical officer of UASC, added, "Both BNPP and AUB strongly supported UASC in successfully completing multiple major transactions.
Some contacts suggest that RWE will wait until after the Bulgarian (July 5) and German (September) elections before announcing the fate of its future participation in BNPP, as GERB officials have expressed strong negative views toward the project.
The management of this new fund is delegated to Fischer Francis Trees & Watts, the global fixed income specialist of BNPP IP.
The fine against BNPP Private Bank could have been higher, but the bank qualified for a 30 per cent discount by agreeing to settle at an early stage of the investigation.
After carefully reviewing all the facts of record, and for reasons discussed in this order, the Board has concluded that consummation of the proposal is not likely to result in a significantly adverse effect on competition or on the concentration of banking resources in any of the eight banking markets in which BNPP and UCB directly compete or in any other relevant banking market.
Commenting on the news, Joost Bergsma, formerly CEO of BNPP CEP and now CEO of Glennmont Partners said: "As a team, we have created substantial value since launching five years ago.
Given the extraordinary levels of destruction, murder, displacement, land appropriation, as well as widespread and ongoing suffering and deprivation--and the acute lack of adequate humanitarian resources--it seems morally imperative that the Obama administration's Department of Justice view the BNPP restitution provisions as justifying the urgent provision of relief aid in greater Sudan.
Kramer said, 'I am very pleased to welcome Mike Woolley to BNPP IP.
Balliet has also formally been named a member of two BNP Paribas (BNPP) global investment management teams C the International Asset Allocation Committee and the BNPP Wealth Management Discretionary Management Equity Committee.