BNQBureau de Normalisation du Quebec (Canada)
BNQBibliothèque Nationale du Québec
BNQBaganga, Philippines (Airport Code)
BNQBernhard-Nocht-Quartier (German: Bernhard-Nocht Quarter; German district)
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Due to Durasoil's[R] revolutionary water insoluble formulation, BNQ initially was unable to perform the traditional evaluations applied to water based dust palliatives.
Le numero s'ouvre sur une entrevue avec la presidente et directrice generale de la BNQ, Lise Bissonnette, qui est a la tete du projet de la nouvelle bibliotheque depuis le tout debut.
They have the BNQ certification mark screen printed and the words "Ballistic Nylon Ballistique", "TCPRE SR or JR" and sizing information on the right side of the collar base.
Let's recall that, at the MDDEP request, the BNQ has seen to establish the NQ 3680-910 standard and to organize a bench test allowing performance verification of the systems to be certified and this, for a period of 52 consecutive weeks, including stress testing of the typical conditions at the outlets of isolated dwellings.
In addition to BNQ certification, EnviroKleen received the US Environmental Agency's ETV Certification in 2005 for dust suppressant products.
E[acute accent]With a mission to provide unparalleled, multi-channel access to its collections along with services such as conferencing facilities and inter-library loans, BNQ required a means of automating many common administrative processes to reduce costs and focus on delivering value-added services to members.
BNQ options will trade on the February expiration cycle, with introductory expirations in December, January, February and May.
BNQ will open with strike prices of 17-1/2, 20 and 22-1/2 and position limits of 5,500 contracts.
Cascades relied on expertise provided by the Conseil quebecois des evenements ecoresponsables (CQEER) in its efforts to meet the standards set out by the BNQ for eco-friendly events.
8, BNQ 3624-120 plus AASHTO Load Resistance Factor Design (LRFD) specifications and is verified by lntertek.
BSI PAS 1010 Guidance on the management of psychosocial risks in the workplace, BNQ 9700800/2008 "Healthy Enterprise," CAN/ CSA Z1000-06 Occupational Health and Safety Management, Draft CSA Z1002 "OHS Hazards and Risks," and Other reference material (e.