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We are very excited about the prospects ahead as we blend the considerable talents and technology of the BNS SLM group with Meadowlark's existing precision optical components business.
A BSTR official said they would co-ordinate with the BNS, the BMS and the ministry's union in deciding a future course of action.
IT telephony is also something that no other part of Daisy Group has, and it's something in which BNS specialises.
BNS Touch can alsobe applied to multimedia services such as interactive advertising and eLearning and is easily integrated on existing IPTV and other management platforms.
Planned improvements for parts of BNS should go ahead as soon as practicable to improve access between New Street andSmallbrook and improve visual impact.
Retained earnings and the equity offering to finance the transaction should allow BNS to maintain sound capital levels, including a Basel III common equity Tier I ratio in the 7% to 7.
BNS then intends to transfer all remaining assets and liabilities of BNS to such liquidating trust, of which BNS's stockholders will become the holders of beneficial interests in the trust.
In a statement sent to the GDN, the Paris-based Observatory for the Protection of Human Rights Defenders denounced the apparent closure of the BNS.
Last May BNS shareholders voted unanimously to delist from the AIM market as the company vowed to make a return to the black in the back end of this year.
Importantly, the BNS solution includes SD and HD video solutions that retain the maximum broadcast video quality from the original video source.
In addition to 20 new sales executives and more than a dozen new members of the telesales team, BNS is also hiring engineers, network administrators, customer service advisers and credit controllers.
BNS, which has a turnover of pounds 26 million, provides white labelled telecoms services to the UK SME and corporate markets.