BNSPBeroepsvereniging van Nederlandse Stedebouwkundigen en Planologen (Dutch: Dutch Professional Association of Urban Designers and Planners)
BNSPBrunei National Solidarity Party
BNSPBladder Neck Support Prosthesis
BNSPBritish National Socialist Party
BNSPBrain Neurite-Stimulating Protein (neurophysiology)
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The evolution of the Soviet nuclear arsenal and delivery systems required the NSC to review and revise the BNSP annually.
Despite charges the New Look depended overly on massive retaliation for the West's national security, the BNSP was actually intellectually agile.
The final BNSP, NSC 5906/1, also emphasized flexible response and was formally provided to the incoming John F.
The BNSP placed great value on collective defense and providing economic and military assistance, not only to allies but also to vulnerable states in key regions as an alternative to their accepting Soviet aid and entanglement.
What is unique about the development, implementation, and revision of the BNSP is the fact that no other presidency has devoted such focused discipline, energy, and thought to US national security strategy.
Not everyone agreed with the policy conclusions of the BNSP, regardless of its rational approach.
39) Like Ridgway, Taylor took issue with what he deemed excessive manpower cuts, which he felt undermined the flexible response aspects of the BNSP.
Eisenhower used the BNSP to establish the rationale for the optimal distribution of military resources and forces, the reliance on deterrence (both conventional and nuclear), and the value of cultivating alliances and coalitions.
It is important to understand the BNSP was not an operational plan, and Eisenhower intentionally separated policy development from execution.
Eisenhower's critics may find fault with his policies, but there is no credence in the assertion the BNSP hamstrung the president.
As reflected in each BNSP, the president assessed early in his first term that nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles would become the greatest threat once the United States lost its monopoly in nuclear weapons.
The definitive book on the BNSP development process is Robert R.